Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I was recognised today!

I was just laying out in the sun this morning, when this white guy walks up to me, and asks "Are You Gina Forchevsky?"

At first, I was like "oh shit, what did I do now?"

I told him I was, and he knelt down, and stuck out his hand, telling me that he had chatted with me in the past, and gave me his yahoo screenname (I'm going to keep that a secret, as you never know who reads these blogs.. maybe even his wife!)

We were talking for a few minutes, and it suddenly struck me.. How did he recognize me? I don't have any pics of my face up anywhere?

So I asked him... he told me that, under normal circumstances, he most likely wouldn't have recognized me, but the fact that I was laying out getting sun, wearing a TINY top, I must say, made him really notice my breasts!

And, since that's the most easily recognized thing in my picture,he thought that he should take a chance!

Well, we kept talking for a little while longer, and I invited him to my van for something to drink (it warmed up fast today!)

Well, he complimented me about my van, and then just came right out and said it! He said "Gina, I know I'm a white guy, and that you prefer Black Cock, but I would LOVE to fuck you!"

Well, laying out in the sun tends to make me somewhat horny, (I know, EVERYTHING makes me horny!!) so I told him sure, and he hopped up on the bed, and in no time, we were making that van ROCK!!

His cock wasn't anything spectacular, at least, not compared to my Black Men, but for a white guy, it wasn't bad..
What he really excelled in tho, was eating me! He ate my pussy, he ate my asshole, he treated my tits rough, just the way I LOVE, and he even, at one point, had his fist in my cunt, while eating my ass!
And I'll admit it, that even though he was white, he had one of the most DELICIOUS tasting loads of cum I've had in a LOOOONG time!
Turns out he's a vegetarian, which backs up my theory that vegetarians have the sweetest cum, due to their diet!

He confessed later, that he remembered all the things I love having done to me, from my posts on various groups, and from our Yahoo chats! I love a guy that will go that extra mile to please me, so I told him that I would do ANYTHING he wanted, no limits, as a thank you!

He hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, until I finally told him "ANYTHING... no matter how strange, kinky, perverse, long as it's not life-threatening!!"

So, he came right out and said it..
He wanted to watch me get fucked by a Black Man, and that he wanted to eat my pussy clean afterwards!
I started laughing out loud! I had to stop myself though, as I saw him looking upset, and explained to him that his wish was something so easy! I thought he was going to ask me to do something like stick a fish in my pussy or something!

Well, after talking about it for a bit, he went a rented a cheap motel room, then we went to Home Depot to buy some rope, and proceeded to the rented room, where I tied him, naked, to a chair, put a gag in his mouth, and tied his balls up really tight, so his dick was throbbing hard, from lack of blood circulation, and told him that I was going out to find a Black Stud to fuck me in front of him!

I knew I couldn't keep the poor boy tied up for hours, so I figured I'd just try and pick up the first Black Man that looked decent, and bring him back...
Well, that took a half hour, and I found him hitch-hiking, of all things!
I didn't waste any time, and told this young Black Buck of around 17, that I wanted him to fuck me in front of my wimp white boyfriend. He was all for it, and when we got to the room, he even went so far, as to verbally humiliate the guy!

I put an end to that, quick, by telling that stud that I needed his young, Superior Black Cock in my cunt NOW!
He didn't even bother with foreplay, just climbed on, and RAMMED his cock into my pussy hard!
He had about 8 inches, but nice and thick, so it wasn't much of a stretch for me to tell him that I LOVED his huge Black Cock in my white cunt!
All the while, I was teasing the white guy, telling him how good it felt to be fucked by a REAL MAN, a BLACK MAN, as opposed to his wimpy white excuse of a dick. (This was mainly for the white guy's benefit, as he told me that it was one of his biggest fantasies)
After about a half hour, the Black kid came deep in my pussy, and I asked him to untie my boyfriend, and to make him eat all that Black Cum out of my white pussy, like a good whiteboy should!
The Black kid didn't have a problem with that, and soon, he was holding thae white guy's head down, pushing his face deep into my pussy! I could tell the white guy loved it, as I haven't had such an enthusiastic cunt-lapping in a long time!
The Black guy left a little while later, and even after he left, the white guy was still at it!
He couldn't seem to get enough of my pussy!
We wound up staying together that night, with him eating me, fisting me, and fucking me in all 3 holes!
And to think, I didn't want to be recognized! LOL!
PS.. hey guy, if you're still reading my blog, email me privately, so I can get your number, for if I ever pass through your town again!!!


I have to admit, for a wite guy,he wasn't bad!

His dick was only about 7 inches, and not too thick, but he

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The Drunkin' Monkey said...

ha, that is awesome, not that i'd want to eat someone elses jizz out of you, but, i'd love to do all the rest!!! and not all men are created equal... with that not all black men are hung like a horse and can hump like a rabbit, just like not all white men are stumpy and lay like a dead fish!!! ;)

hope to read some more good stories, in the future, and stop by my new adventures of having sex, while completely intoxicated!!!!