Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm back!!

OMG!!! I just realized it's been, what, about 10 months since my last post!!

Well, for that, I'm sorry, but let's see if I can bring you guy and girls up to speed on what I've been doing..
I left Michael, and hit the road again, this time, I headed north... WAY NORTH!!
I went to Canada! I won't say where, as, truthfully, I've gotten tired of guys (and girls) emailing me, saying come to (whatever town)!!
I go where I please, generally, WHEN I please.. I hate planning trips, or planning much of anything else, either..
Right now, I'm parked outside of a McDonald's, that has wi-fi access, and I'm just laying on the bed in the van, typing this on my laptop.
It was a gift from a group of guys that I was fucking months ago. I had agreed to stay for a few weeks, staying at a frathouse at a moderately good-sized college. The agreement was, I stay with them, and be the house slut, and they'd hook me up with a laptop, and a few other goodies, so, how could I refuse? I mean, granted, it was an almost all-white frat, with only two Black guys, but then again, it was all young guys, so that meant plenty of dick available 24 hours a day, so it was worth the trade-off!
Personally, I would have LOVED to spend a few weeks as the house whore for a frat FULL of Black guys!
I might never leave, if that ever happens! LOL!
Well, about the frat....
I had met a couple of the guys in a local bar, and we were chatting, as they tried to pick me up.. I had decided within the first 5 minutes, that I was gonna fuck them both, but I let them think they were seducing me, and getting me drunk, so they could have their way with me..
I *DID* get drunk, and then "convinced" me to come home with them, that they'd drive me to their frat house in my van..
Well, within a minute of climbing in the van, I had the pants off the one guy, sucking his dick, as the other one drove, and by the time we got to the frat house, I was bare-assed naked, and getting fucked by the one guy, who came seconds after pulling up to the frat house.
The driver insisted it was his turn, so I had him turn the driver's captain seat around, and I unzipped him, and went down on him, while the guy that had just cum in me, was eating my cum-filled cunt!
The driver was ready to fuck in no time flat, but wanted to do it in his bed, so we all piled out, me still naked, and drunkenly stumbling into the house, up to his bedroom.
Let me tell you! This boy threw me on the bed, face down, and damn near raped me! I loved it!
He fucked me pretty good, for a young white boy! No as good as most of my Black lovers, but not too bad! He made me cum pretty good!
After he was done, he got off me, and I rolled over, still in a drunken, orgasmic haze, and just laid there. Next thing I know, here come some of his frat buddies, and they stripped right down, and started to go right at it!
They were using me like a cheap whore, which I so dearly LOVE, and was enjoying the hell out of it!
One guy was suckling at my tits like a newborn, while another was fingering my pussy, as he was ramming his dick down my throat, and another was running his hands all over my ass cheeks, and, a moment later, was spitting on my asshole, and jamming a finger up my ass!
Not much, in the way of foreplay, this one! LOL!
But you know me, I was loving the rough treatment anyway!

This went on for the better part of the night, with various guys coming and going, using my mouth, my pussy, and my asshole, fucking me good, some of them using rubbers, but most, not. I even had a couple of guys who were into eating the cum out of my pussy and ass, and later, convinced them to try bi! But I'll get to that later, maybe..

The next morning, I woke up, sore, and sticky, with cum dried on my face, my chest, my thighs, still dribbling out of my pussy, and I SWEAR, my ass was sealed shut, from dried cum!!
I went downstairs naked, figuring, what the fuck, they've all (or at least most of them) seen me naked, and fucked me anyway, and went to see if I could find anything to eat.
When I got downstairs, there were a few guys sitting around the kitchen table, studying, and eating, and they were kind enough to offer to make me breakfast, so I sat down, asked for coffee, and they made me something to eat, tho I don't remember now, what it was.

We sat around for hours, drinking coffee, and talking...It was kind of weird for them, I know, having a naked woman, old enough to be their aunt or something, sitting at the table with them, eating, and talking with them, like it was a normal thing for me to do!
I wound up sucking a couple of them off at the table, before taking them back upstairs for more fun.. We started in the shower, as I REALLY needed to wash the dried cum off of myself,
and wound up in one of the guy's bedroom.
After we were done fucking, the guys and I just layed there, talking, and one of the guys mentioned how nice it would be to have a woman like me there all the time!
I had forgotten what horny bastards young boys could be!
They were sounding pretty serious, so I told them to discuss it with their frat brothers, and get back to me.
They did, that night.. They tracked me down in town, as I was driving around, exploring the town, and told me that the frat brothers wanted to see me.
So, I drove back to the frat, and we walked in, and there, in the living room, were all 30 guys!
They all greeted me friendly, and respectfully, and asked me what would I want, to stay there with them?
Well, I told them, first off, that I wasn't one to stay in one place for too long, that I had the traveling bug, but that I might be able to be convinced to stay a few weeks or so, if they could convince me...
They asked me if there was anything I needed, or wanted badly, so I mentioned that the van could use a tune up, and some new shocks, and that I would love a laptop, for my travels.
They discussed this, and quickly agreed, but, before I made my decision, I made sure that they understood that I couldn't be faithful, even with a whole house of guys to fuck, and that I loved to fuck Black guys...
Well, right away, the two Black guys in the house whooped it up!
I told them that I was a slut, plain and simple, and wasn't going to apologize for it, so I didn't want any petty jealousy about me, or I was out of there!
The guys all agreed, and I moved some of my things into one of the spare bedrooms.
I also told them, I'd clean up my own messes, and do my own laundry, and not to expect me to become their housemaid!
They were ok with that, as they already had the household chores divided.
Within a few days, the shocks on my van had been replaced, actually, they said they beefed them up a bit, and they even put a new stereo, and speakers in the van, along with a 6 cd changer that would play mp3 cd's, and even a remote!
They also tuned up the engine, and arranged for a new exhaust system, if I'd fuck the guys that installed it! (I got new brakes, and 5 new tires also, but that took a few more visits to the shop! LOL!)
I wound up staying for 6 weeks, and I SWEAR, these kids didn't get tired of me, and trying new things! (Well, new for THEM! LOL!)
I even got a few of their girlfriends involved! One of them was a TOTAL VIRGIN.. she hadn't even given her boyfriend a blowjob yet, but by the time I left, she was sucking his dick, getting her pussy and ass fucked, swallowing cum, even rimming his ass!
This girl went from virgin to slut in a week! And she eats pussy and ass like a PRO!
I would have loved to be able to take her out whoring with me, but I don't think she was ready for that yet... She DID, however, get into a mini-orgy with me, her boyfriend, and two other guys.. I told her tat she HAD to learn to take more than one guy on at a time, and let me tell you, she handled it a hell of a lot better than I thought she would! By the end of the night, she was airtight, with her boyfriend's cock in her mouth, and the frat boys in her ass and pussy!
I had just gotten her on birth control a day earlier, so I insisted that she make all the guys wear rubbers for her pussy, for at least a week...I hope she remembers all I taught her...
If she can let go a little more, and her boyfriend can keep from getting jealous, I think she has the makings of a true slut, as, once she lost her cherry, she was fucking and sucking every chance she got! I even walked in on her in the bathroom, and there she was, sitting on the toilet, and sucking one of the frat boys' cock!
So, let's hear it for Higher Education!

After I left the frat house, I drove straight for the biggest city I could find, for some serious Black Cock, to feed the craving I had been having! I mean, yeah, I had two Black guys in the frat, but I needed more! And Nastier!
So, I posted an ad on craigslist, and within a day, I had arranged a gangbang where all the guys were Black, and I was the only female there...
Let me tell you, I was one fucked-out, and fucked-up slut!
I told the guys, in email, that ANYTHING goes, including drug use, so, within the first hour of the gangbang, I had a LOT of crystal meth shoved up my ass, smoked a couple of joints, and was hitting the tequila pretty hard!
I was flying pretty high, and don't remember everything, but I know for sure, that I got at least 20 differnt Black cocks in me that night, in every hole!
I know I got slapped around pretty good, as I had bruises, a fat lip, and a black eye, as well as my belly being very tender...My ass was pretty sore, as well...
I wish they had video'd it, as I love watching myself being used and abused like that...I was having multple orgasms all night, ESPECIALLY at one point, when the guys had me on my knees, and they were taking turns fucking my face, slapping my face, and spitting in my mouth, in my eyes, and all over my face!
It was a great night, as I had two cocks in my ass, and later, two in my cunt, and I took so many loads that I lost track!
I also got a chance to eat some pussy that night...while I was worn out, one of the guys brought in some drunk chick from a bar, and fucked her, and she sat on my face afterward, and I ate the cum from her pussy.
She was TOO drunk tho, as she puked when she started to eat the cum from my pussy.. wound up hurling all over my chest!
I was so fucked up at that point, that I started playing with it, and eating it! It was weird, but I was in a kinky frame of mind, and just went with it...

I have to go right now, but I'll continue this later..


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