Friday, May 30, 2008

Gloryhole Fun!

This post has been postponed for about two weeks... I started it, and got caught up with things (playing, traveling, mood swings-I just wasn't in the mood to type) so I put it on the back burner...
So, here it is!

Well, I told you, in my last post, that I was going to find a gloryhole to play at, and I did!

I found this town a few miles from where I'm at, temporarily, and went to this adult bookstore where I had heard there were gloryholes.
Now, as I've said, I LOVE the anonymity of gloryholes, never seeing the guy(s) that just fucked you, or just blew their cum into my mouth, and I was READY for it again!

Well, I went into this place, and it looked like all the guys were gay, so I didn't see my chances of getting fucked as real good.. but I figured I might get a few strange cocks down my throat, at least...

I started off by buying about 20.00 worth of tokens for the movies, and wandered around, looking at the covers of the differnt pornos that were playing in the booths, before picking one to watch..
I found a couple of booths with one gloryhole each, but what really interested me,was the booth with two holes, one on each side!
I quickly looked to either side of the hall, to make sure that someone saw me going in, and then stepped into the booth...
I put about 5 bucks into the machine, and started flipping through the channels, till I found a hot movie with one white girl, and 4 black guys! YES! My kind of movie!

I quickly stripped off all my clothes, and started playing with my pussy and ass, getting them nice and wet/slick for what I HOPED would happen!

Well, I'm not really in the mood to type a blow by blow right now, so I'll try to give you some highlights...

I started off slow, got a couple of cocks to suck in the first hour, and enjoyed it, but it was nothing like I had hoped it would be, but figured I just had to be patient.. It was around 7pm by that point, and I was hearing the sounds of men coming in to the booth area.

Within minutes, I had my mouth full of cock, and a nice load down my throat, a minute after that..
I sucked a few after that, switching between holes, going back a forth a few times, till I sensed that the booth area was now, officially "busy".
I decided at that point, that it was time to get fucked!!

The holes were pretty big.. I was able to put most of my face through them, so I decided that my ass should be able to fit into that hole pretty well, too!
So, I got off my knees, and lifted my ass up, so the hole was framing my pussy and asshole, with my ass lubed up nice with spit, and my pussy all wet from all the playing I was doing with it earlier.

Within less than a minute, I was bent over, with a hard cock pushing it's way into my wet cunt, and another hard cock in my mouth, with both fucking away HARD in me!
I swallowed the load from the cock in my mouth, and soon felt the one in my pussy shoot... not a huge load, but it was a start..
It seemed like, when one guy was done, another would take his place almost immediately!

Over the next 4 hours, I got dick in my mouth, my pussy, and in my ass, almost nonstop!

And here's the best part! The majority of them used my holes bareback (no condoms), so I got SO MANY loads in me!!
Some of the fucking was so forcefull, that I wound up accidently pulling off the cock in my mouth a few times, and got hosed down by some nice-sized loads!

After a total of about 5 hours, I was too tired, and sore, to continue in the positions I'd been in, so got ready to leave.. funny thing was, I would have stayed there for 12 hours straight, if I could have found a way to be more comfortable!
I had run out of tokens after the first 2 hours, but luckily, guys would hand me tokens afterward.. I guess to make sure that I stayed!
One guy even pushed a ROLL of tokens into my pussy! LOL!

So.. I started to get dressed, and realized that, during all my fun, I hadn't paid attention to my clothes, and I found that my skirt and blouse was covered in cum, and grime!

Well, I figured, the damage was already done, so I got dressed (not that I could leave there naked! LOL), and decided, screw it.. I'm NOT cleaning up, first!
So, I exited the booth, and you should have seen these guys' faces!!
Part shock, part turned-on, which totally turned ME on!
I walked out of the store that day, with cum in my hair, on my face, one my tits, which made my blouse stick to my bare boobs, and cum dripping from my pussy and ass, and down my legs!
I felt so good after that, that I just lifted my arms, and stretched out my muscles, like a cat stretching after a nice long nap in the sun!
My van wasn't too far from the store, but for some reason, I wound up walking around the block, before getting into my van!

It felt SO GOOD, that I wound up going back 3 nights in a row!
Needless to say, those other days were even better than the first! I think word got around pretty fast!!

And by the way.. I have to admit, that all those cocks going in my pussy and ass felt fantastic, especially since I didn't SEE most of them!!
I didn't know, most of the time, what size, color, thickness, shape, etc cock was going to be in me next! And the fact that most of them were bareback, made it even hotter!!!

I can't wait to see the results of the pregnancy test!
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kinda HOPING that I got pregnant! It's just so sexy to me, knowing that I took, and kept in me, ALL those loads of strange mens' cum!!

Going to be an interesting week or so...

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