Friday, September 26, 2008

August Rush (movie Review)

I meant to mention this earlier, but I went and bought the DVD "August Rush" the other day.. I had been meaning to rent this movie for a while, but, being on the move, "Blockbuster" isn't exactly thrilled to rent movies to me.. LOL!

So after reading a few reviews of this movie, I decided to buy it..
All I could say was, WOW!
This movie has some FANTASTIC music, and a great story!
it's romantic, suspenseful, and overall, amazing!
I laughed, I was in awe at times, and a few times, I couldn't help it, and just bawled my eyes out!
Biggest problem I faced, watching this movie, besides not being able to really turn the volume like I wanted, (Going to rememdy that, by asking my Hostess (the woman who let's me park my van in her driveway) if she wants to watch it with me) and, the second problem, is that after watching it, I feel like I need someone to cuddle with! I mean, I was crying my eyes out, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, and all I could do was hug my pillows!!!DAMN!!!!

If anyone is interested in hearing the soundtrack I suggest going to and checking it out...
I'm going to try something new, and see if I can get this to work... If I can, I'll come back and edit this..
Okay... seems you need to download Rhapsody for this first.. if you haven't done i already, I highly recommend it!
A guy gave me his old Sansa Rhapsody player (2 gigs) a few months ago, and I did a little bartering(translated, I let a guy fuck me, and sucked his dick) to get him to install a thingie that runs through the stereo in the van, that I can plug my mp3 player into.
The Rhapsody service costs me about 15 bucks a month, but I can constantly change my music around, download new stuff into the m3 player, and if I don't like it, take it off, and put something else on, and they have this neat thing called "Rhapsody Channels" that will play an assortment of certain types/genres of music that you like!

Well, enough advertising the Rhapsody service, needless to say, I love it, and think others should know about it!

Till Later,

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