Thursday, September 25, 2008

I had the preacher!

Well, one of my admirers, who reads my blog, suggested that I fuck the preacher...

I thought about it, and about what might happen, and I guess my horniness got the bet of me! LOL!

I was helping the preacher with some bookwork, and I started trying to "entice" him!

I was wearing a very proper outift, nothing slutty, or even overtly sexy, just a long (for me) skirt, pantyhose, flats, and a black blouse that buttoned all the way up to my throat, I was wearing my "mom" glasses (only use them for reading), no make-up, just my wedding ring,(still keep it, just for the turn-on factor it has for some men), with my hair up, nothing too extreme, but just enough to keep it up out of my face.

I wanted to look proper, like a woman should, when working for a preacher, yet underneath, that was a whole different story!

I had NO panties on, a demi bra that was a size too small, and allowed about 80 perent of my breasts to be visible above the bra (if I had my blouse open more, which I didn't).

What I didn't mention earlier, is that the pantyhose were my favorite type.. I had, before I went to the church, cut out the crotch of the pantyhose, so my pussy and asshole were both naked, and exposed!

I ket glancing at the preacher's crotch, hoping I could see a trace of interest...NO LUCK!

I had finally given up, having tried, with no luck, the following:

Bending over the desk, away from him, to retrieve some paperwork,

On my knees, with my face at crotch level, just inches from his dick (OOPS! Dropped some papers!

(Not too) Discreetly scratching my inner thigh

Licking my lips

Brushing my hand across my tits, (perhaps TOO discretely?)

Sucking on a pencil

I was going CRAZY, trying to think of SOME WAY to turn this man on!

I was begining to think I was going to have to dress of as a teen-aged altar boy to get his dick to respond!

Finally, we were done all the paperwork, and, without asking, let my hair down, and unbuttoned just the top button of my blouse, and stroked my neck, and turned my head side to side, to get out some of the kinks.


Seeing that, the preacher asked if my neck was bothering me, and when I said that it was a little stiff, he offered a neck massage. It felt SO GOOD!

He had me moaning in relief in no time flat and within a minute, I could feel his breath on my nek!

He said that I had a beautiful neck, and started kissing it!

He kissed the back of my ear, and that did it for me! I was INSTANTLY WET!

I'm not sure exactly WHAT happened next, but before I knew it, he had ripped the buttons from my blouse, and was licking, and sucking on my neck, like a horny vampire, while he was yanking my bra down, and squeezing my big titties like a schoolboy!

Now, I just ADORE having my breasts squeezed, in fact, the harder the better, and before I even realized it, i was down on my knees, opening the fly of his pants, while he was still digging his fingers deeply into my tit-flesh!

I reached in, and pulled out his cock, which was about 4 inches long, but kind of thick, and i just INHALED his cock!

He shot in my mouth, not 30 seconds later, and pulled his soft cock out of my mouth, trying to apologize, while i was still trying to gulp down his load, which was extremely thick, and somewhat bitter (He drank a lot of coffee that day, so I'm guessing that's why it was so bitter) but I grabbed his cock, which was still leaking a bit, and started to rub it all over my face, which, I guess, turned him on some more, as he pulled his cock away from my face, and said "My God! You act like a cheap whore!"

I just laughed, guess it sounded kind of evil, because he grabbed me by the throat (another thing I love, btw, is a man grabbing my throat, especially when he's fucking me!), pulled me up, and told me that if I was going to act like some dick-hungry whore that he would treat me like one!

He pulled me up spun me around, and pushed me, face down, over his desk!
He took his belt off, and proceeded to give me at LEAST 20 HARD Smacks with his belt!
I screamed in surprise, and pain, and by the time he was done the 20 strokes, I was crying like a baby, yet, I was also dripping wet!
He must have gotten his hard-on back to full force by the, because he just RAMMED it in my cunt, and fucked me hard and fast, like a man on a mission!
He shot in my pussy minutes later, then grabbed me by the hair, and dragged me to my knees, and wiped his cum (and pussy)-coated cock all over my face, before shoving it back into my mouth, and telling me to clean it! (Like I wasn't already planning that? LOL!)

After he was done, again, he apologized for his actions, saying that they were sinful.. I just laughed again (apparently not as evilly as before tho), and explained that it WASN'T evil, just a natural bodily function, just like needing to piss! (yes, I put it JUST like that!)
He looked startled, and started to argue, but I managed to get him to "see the light" as it were, and agree that it was just something he had been denying his body and soul for so long, that when the opportunity presented itself, his mind and body just did what it had to do!

The next day, he didn't seemed so ashamed!
In fact, the next day, HE approached me about doing it again!
Well, we did, and this time, I had him eat my pussy! not bad, for someone who claims he had never done it before!
I can't wait to teach him about eating his cum out of my pussy!
And OMG, I hope I can convince him to try eating my ass!

Next thing on my list of things to do, to corrupt this "holy man", is to convince him to let me suck his cock during Sunday Service!
I doubt I will be able to convince him, but I'm sure going to try!
It just seems so NASTY and Sinful!!
Just the thought, had me playing with myself half the night, last night!


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RIV said...

LOL. How long did your being a good girl last? That was pretty funny, I just hope you don't get rode out of town. Best wishes!