Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Latest News...

Well, my van broke down (AGAIN), and just outside some little Podunk town!
I only had 300 dollars on me, and no credit cards.... The damned transmission wont get out of first gear!
I figured that I would take to the streets or bars, to try and "earn" some money, on my back, like I've done before...
Seems I've landed in a town with NO night life, NO bars, and NO chances of selling my ass on the streets! This town is SO small (I know.. "How small IS it?" LOL!) that at night, they turn off every other streetlight!
I'm not kidding!
The town PD has ONE car on at night, patrolling, and he's already made it clear that he doesn't approve of me sleeping in my van at night, and doesn't like strangers!
So, I've been forced to get a REAL job! OMG!!!
It's only temporary, I hope..
I'm working at a day care center, as a helper, so I have to dress respectfully all the time!
However, the owner, a nice older woman, who I suspect is a lesbian, or leaning FAR into it, has agreed to let me park my van in her driveway at night, so the police don't bother me.
She offered to let me stay in her spare bedroom, but I told her that I couldn't.. it wouldn't be fair to her, as I like to stay up late, and watch movies..
She somewhat reluctantly agreed, and so, here I sit, in the van, naked, with my favorite dildo in my pussy, and my favorite butt plug in my ass, typing away.. Surprisingly, she has a wireless router for her laptop, and I'm using her DSL signal to get online.. Luckily, she leaves it on most of the time...
I've got some Santana playing, low, through the van's speakers, so nobody complains, and I'm chilling with a bottle of wine I had stored away..
I've been here for days, and the boredom is driving me crazy!
That, and I haven't had a cock in me or a pussy to eat, in days, so not only am I bored, I'm horny as female dog in heat!!
I'm hoping that something happens to change all that, and SOON!
It looks like I may be here for at least two-four weeks, till I can get up enough money to get the transmission repaired!
I'm being very thrifty with my money, not like there's anywhere I can go crazy spending on, but still, I'm getting tired of the early-bird specials at the cafe',and I don't want to impose on my host too often.. Although, I got her to agree to let me cook dinner for her one night...
I'm not a great cook, but I've been told that I make a mean meatloaf! (I use ground turkey, pork, and beef, btw) So at least, I'll have some familiar food, to help me stay on balance.

I met up with the local Presbyterian Pastor today, and agreed to help a couple of days a week, with bookkeeping, and such, and Saturday, he needs Chaperons for the middle school dance...
THAT should be interesting, as some of these local buys are CUTE!! I'm going to have to behave around them! DAMN!!!

Well, I'm halfway through the bottle (A nice merlot), and have a nice buzz on, so I'm going to put the cork back in, turn off the laptop, turn off the lights, and snuggle under my satin sheets..
I've already decided that the plug, and the dildo are staying in for the night...
Night all, and wish me luck!

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RIV said...

You poor thing, sorry to hear that you're having problems. It's a pity you're not saying at least what state you're in.

Wish you the best, be a good girl!